Demon Within in the top #100 for Erotica on Amazon!

I’m extremely happy!!! Lmao…actually that’s an understatement…however I’m trying to stay calm…I guess it’s no big deal…NOT!!!

I’m an indie writer…I don’t have money for paid advOMGadvertisements or a publisher backing me…and my first book is #93 in the Erotica genre! I guess I’m doing okay!

DemonWithin sneaky peek…thought I’d give you a teaser….from Chapter 32…Bathroom hotness…hm.

Water lapped gently against the sides of the copper bath. Kai sighed as the light captured chestnut hair draping over the edge towards the floor; Eloise was a rare beauty, even if she didn’t fully understand what effect she had on him. Her innocent glances and smiles as he perched in the open window frame were driving him crazy.

‘Why are you grinning?’

He wondered if he should tell her. Kai inclined his head. ‘Just the sight of you bathing, I know you’re happy… and it makes me happy too.’

Giggling, and smoothing the washcloth up her arm, letting the warm water caress her skin, Eloise continued to bathe.

‘I should get out, I’m starting to wrinkle.’

Kai’s eyes widened when she leaned back against the tub, arching her back and sighing, her breasts rose from beneath the water, making Kai wish he was in there with her.

He pushed away from his perch and slowly moved towards her. Kneeling, he pulled shimmering locks of her hair through his fingers; soft and silky, a rainbow of gold, brown and copper, he could look at it all day.

Quickly pulling a leather strap from one of his braids and holding it between his teeth, he braided the thick mass of hair. Kai inhaled deeply while playing with the long tresses, and tying it securely with the leather, he pulled it through his hands once more before letting it fall.

After rising and taking a towel from the dresser, Kai held it wide and waited for Eloise to leave the comfort of her bath.

‘Let’s go and have breakfast, I’m starving.’

Eloise rose, her skin flushed and warm; he purred while watching the droplets of water trickle over her breasts. With strong arms, he enveloped her, holding her tight against him, he began drying her then relaxed his hold as he fell to his knees. Patting her delicate skin his concentration made Eloise smile as she stared down.

He performed his task with enthusiasm, not missing any area, and Eloise wondered if this was common practice. Kai gently nudged her legs and grinned wickedly.

‘Open your legs wider.’ His hands moved higher and patted gently on her most sensitive area, his eyes had a feral look about them; they matched his carnal smirk.

‘Are you going to do this every time I take a bath?’ Eloise nibbled her lip.

Kai didn’t look at her and continued working. He was now concentrating his efforts on her legs and feet. She giggled when he raised her foot, and she steadied herself by resting her hands on his shoulders.

‘It depends.’

Eloise’s brows rose. ‘On what?’

‘On whether I get to taste you afterwards.’

Throwing the towel to the side and without warning Kai’s fingers trailed up her inner thigh and brushed against her intimately. She gasped and flinched at his touch, her body humming with excitement and growing exhilaration.

Soft lips complimented the fleshy pad of his fingertips, followed by an eager tongue lazily sliding between her folds. Eloise gripped his shoulders, then moved one hand to his head, letting her fingers tangle in his hair.

‘Kai…’ Breathy and barely audible, Eloise could hardly speak.

Hips involuntarily ground against his mouth and without realizing, she found herself tugging at his hair, making him work harder. Kai’s hot breath fell against her already sizzling flesh; lapping feverishly, his tongue searched every crevice to taste her.



Fabulous 5* Review for Demon Within!

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I wanted to share this fabulous review from Author, Jen Winters… If you haven’t already read Demon Within, please consider giving it a try!

Read what Jen Winters had to say about the book

Demon Within is a paranormal romance with some steamy love scenes, bDemon Withinut don’t get too excited–Julie Nicholls makes you wait for it. While most of the PNR I’ve read follow just one couple, Ms. Nicholls gives you the delight of getting to know three separate couples, inextricable entwined by life and fate. Kai is a former slave and rebellion leader, who now leads his people with a strong, if sometimes violent, hand. In order to help his people and strengthen his place among the other rulers, his closest friend, Jace, negotiates an alliance with their neighboring country. Eloise, the daughter of the king, is part of that deal….

Please read the full review here


Demon Within in German now! Der Dämon an ihrer Seite

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I’m very excited today because Demon Within is now available in German Language. You can purchase it via all Amazon sites worldwide, not just Germany.

German Cover REDONE CORRECTfb size

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the translator, Karen Andrea Petersen for her  hard work. While I don’t speak German myself, I have no doubt she’s done a fabulous job. If you intend to purchase Der Dämon an ihrer Seite (Demon Within), please would you be kind enough to give me some feedback?

Don’t forget, you can still purchase Demon Within too, and also the 2nd book in the series, Angel Within

Both books have received fabulous reviews…so please consider reading them!


Demon Within translation into German

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The translation of Demon Within into German language is done, it’s currently being proofed and should be uploaded by next week.

German Cover REDONE CORRECTfb size

I’ve already re worked the cover and I’m very excited about the release of my series in another language.

… and….. It’s about to be translated into French too!!

Keep checking for updates

Angel Within reviews

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Just wanted to let you know the first reviews are coming in for Angel Within and they are rocking!

If you’ve not read Demon Within yet, what are you waiting for? It’s a great read full of secrets, twists, plots and lovable characters….and not. lol.. It’s sizzlingly good, steamy and makes a perfect fantasy romance read.

Angel Within is the 2nd book in the series, you can buy both books on Amazon

Here’s a sneaky peek

‘It really is a shame to damage that dress, it looks wonderful, but… needs must.’

Nissa’s eyes widened as he lunged towards her. She yelped when he pulled her into his arms.

‘Are you really going to rip it off?’ She asked excitedly.

‘Hmm, I’m not sure.’ Within moments his mouth was on hers. She welcomed him and pushed slender fingers through thick hair, scrunching it in her fists as she held him close.

Breaking the kiss, eager hands ripped at the fasteners at the back of Nissa’s dress. She couldn’t wait to be rid of it, and aided its removal. Stepping her feet out, she kicked it to one side after Sabe pushed it down her body.

Fingers teased the ribbon holding the covering that hid her breasts, and deciding he couldn’t wait, ripped at them.

He ran a hungry gaze over full, swollen breasts. The peaked nipples practically called to him, begging for his mouth to take them. ‘My sweet lady, you are beautiful.’

Nissa’s fingers dug into his scalp when his mouth latched onto her nipple and suckled deeply. Her head fell back as she gasped. Grazing the pebbled bud with his teeth drove her insane.

Sabe suckled on each nipple in turn, swapping one for the other, flicking his tongue greedily, as if the deliciousness would be removed if he stopped. Nissa released his hair and stepped out of reach to catch her breath.

‘Where are you going?’ Sabe’s husky words dripped from wet lips.

‘It’s your turn to take off your clothes.’

A wolfish grin spread wide and without hesitation, he unfastened the tunic, then ripped at his shirt and threw it to the side.

Angel Within release and promotion!

Angel Within, the 2nd book in the Fallen Angels series is available for pre order on Amazon…at half price!!

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Julie Nicholls Author page


Angel Within


Prologue Angel Within

As more ingredients burned in the fire, the flames danced higher, brightening the cave to reveal jagged walls. Another flash of violet light, followed by a cloud of vapor, rose into the air as Jana cast her spell.

‘Be my eyes, be my ears.’

She raised her arms high and marveled at the crystals in her hands before releasing them into the fire.

‘You are mine to command, mine to own.’

Finally adding the remaining elements with a flourish of hands, she smiled while watching the incandescent flames explode into the air, casting shadows throughout the cavern where she performed secretive work.

‘It is done.’

Turning to face a hooded figure behind her, the witch blew out a ponderous sigh. Although completing the first stage, the next step wouldn’t be so easy and other pressing matters required her attention.

The lustrous jewels set in her clothing shimmered under the light of the flames with each minuscule movement as she stepped towards the hooded figure. Mesmerizing and enchanting, they cast dancing reflections around the cave.

Her elegant body paused, and pushing delicate hands over her head, she smoothed long, silky hair away from her face while raising her chin triumphantly, marveling at her contrivance.

‘Now we wait.’

With deliberate steps the witch edged nearer; vivid blue eyes, illumined by the flames, dazzled her disciple.

‘Soon, I will call on you, and without hesitation your lethal hands will do my bidding.’

Acceding to its master the hooded figure bowed, ‘Yes, Jana.’

Smiling at her accomplishment, Jana’s skill was beyond reproach and unmatched by any other; her mastery in the dark arts set a paragon for those practicing the craft.

‘Go, await my command.’

Bowing low once more, the hooded figure turned to leave, but the witch slowed the departure.

‘I will make you famous Nazar!’ She threw her head back and laughed, ‘You will be famed throughout the lands as the man who killed Kai of Darkmide!

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